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We're Gl​ad You Stopped By...
Acupuncture and what to expect!

You can expect our undivided attention and respect...
 It is our greatest desire to treat you with the utmost respect ​​
regarding your health.

Our goal is to help you feel better period!

However, for us to accomplish this goal
we need to see you on a regular basis.  

Research and time (+3,000 yrs.) have proven that acupuncture works best when it is administered on a regular basis.  It is a medicine that builds on itself.  Having a treatment now and then is not going to work!  It is not wise to think that one treatment will alter what has taken years to develop.
Recently, studies using MRI's (magnetic resonance imaging) have shown that acupuncture does have an effect on the central nervous system.  However, we don't fully understand the mechanism behind acupuncture, research does show it has a therapeutic effect.  Recent studies performed at the University of York have been able show that acupuncture lowers chronic pain more effectively than medicine and placebo acupuncture. 

A favorite documentary of ours is "This is your Brain on Acupuncture" by James Whittle; it can be seen onYouTube.  It demonstrates the areas of the the brain that become active during acupuncture. This study looked at superficial needling vs. deep needling and their effects on the pain centers of the brain. 

Acupuncture is an energic medicine.  Studies of the Human Bio-field look at the energic field and information that surrounds our body.  Acupuncture works much in the same way; it has the ability to manipulate that energetic field within the body down to the cellular level where it has shown to slow the heart rate, decrease blood pressure, and even relieve stress and pain. 

Many Acupuncturist refer to this as balancing out the Qi (energy) in the meridians or channels.
By doing this we allow our body the opportunity to heal itself.  Everything we need to heal is within us!  
"For I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well!" Psalms 139:14 

 "When there is balance there is peace." ~Chinese proverb

Acupuncture works on many different aliments and especially on PAIN!
Some of the other areas acupuncture does well in are digestive issues, headaches and migraines, gynecology and woman's health issues, addictions, anxiety/stress disorders,
and sleep disorders.  It benefits the body and mind overall. 

When you come into TCCA, you will be surrounded by multiple patients receiving acupuncture at the same time.  Your treatment takes place in a comfortable lazy boy recliner. Sessions usually last 45-90min.  Most patients wear lose clothing and bring a throw blanket in case
they get cold.  

Because this is a "Healing Space" we ask that you come prepared.  That means that when you come into the clinic your cell phones should be placed on silent. Try to refrain from using it at all!  We really want to encourage you to give attention to your self!  That means quiet the mind...we call that an adult "TIME OUT".  Please abstain from wearing strong smelling cologne or perfumes.  When speaking to you we will use our library voices.  We have throw blankets and pillows to make your treatment sessions more comfortable.  Last but not least, please use the restroom before we start because once the needles come out the session is over.  

I know that you will learn to love our clinic.  Give us a fair chance to meet all your needs and we will not let you down.  

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