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   So what's the deal with the sliding scale???​

The sliding scale is in place so that the issue of money does not hinder you from getting the help you need.

 It allows you to come into our clinic on a regular basis
so that you can get better.  

Most patient's notice a difference within their body after the 4th to 6th visit
while coming into the clinic 2-3 per week.  Once this occurs we re-evaluate and develop a new plan of care.  
Most often the patient is recommended to back down to 1-2 vistis per week for another 1-2 weeks.  Then, once the issue is resolved to the patient's liking, the patient is recommended to go on a maintenance like program where they come in 1-2 times per month.  

  In order to allow you the patient to accomplish this we need to make sure
that acupuncture is affordable and accessible.
So our clinic became a true POCA Clinic! 

POCA (People's Organization of Community Acupuncture) is an organization of acupuncturist and patients who believe in making acupuncture affordable and accessible to EVERYONE! 
There are over 200 clinics in the US alone.

Every POCA clinic strives to make their clinic look and feel much like any other POCA clinic.  
That means that which ever POCA clinic you visit; you should find the same concepts throughout.  We will always treat in an open room setting.   There will be a sliding scale of $15-$45 (some clinics charge a flat rate of $25) per treatment.  You will always find warm hearted "PUNKS" (acuPUNCturist) ready to treat you with an open heart and a sweet smile.

Everyone is invited to come and recieve health care at a truly affordable cost and 
YOU get to decide what to pay within that sliding scale.  

This is done on purpose so that EVERYONE can have a chance to benefit from acupuncture. But we need our community to support us.  That means we need you to visit our clinics on a regular basis.  In doing so we pledge to keep our doors open and provide a healing environment at
a truly affordable cost.  Please tell everyone about us.      ​

That is why community acupuncture is such a beautiful thing!




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